rejuvelac in progress

I’m not fermenting yet but sprouting 1 kilo of whole wheat. For that I’ve soaked the grain for about 24 hours in the water. I’ve closed the top of the bucket with a cheesecloth secured with a rubber band. It made easy to get rid of the water, without losing the grains, by simply turning the bucket upside down. From now till sprouting I have to rinse the grains with water around twice per day. Each time I have to assure that there is no water left by putting the bucket upside down as on the picture below. When the sprouts appear I’ll fill up the bucket with water again, cover with protecting cheesecloth and wait 2 days after which delicious fermented drink appears.


Meanwhile elsewhere: sauerkraut brine didn’t rise above the plastic cover level. Therefore I’ve added 1 cup of water with dissolved 1 tablespoon of salt. In order to speed up the process I’ve additionally put there one umeboshi (pickled Japanese sour plum) from Taro to bring some good bacterias into the sauerkraut. Lets see how does it work.

Umeboshi in sauerkraut

Today I’ve also discovered that my attempt to create a cider out of the apple juice failed. Probably it wasn’t enough natural to keep the good fermentation going on. I’ve repeated now the experiment with a natural cloudy one. I’ve also reenacted the sourdough starter, this time fully made with rye flour. The one made on 28 August looks very sad and a bit too stinky so far to live hopes for its good fermented future.IMG_6187


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