Artists & Projects

This year we experiment with the concept of ‘collective’ residency - coordinate simultaneously artists and their projects to come on board Eleonore, expecting further exchange of ideas and collaborations.

The 9 projects for Eleonore summer 2016:

Xavier FaltotLa Chambre à Air - Post-netcrash Sink and Float

Elaine W.Ho & Ming LinWIDOW RADIO CHING - The Hydrofemme in Four Acts

Eva Ursprung Courtship sound of piranha - Soundscape from underwater

Sarah Grant & Danja Vasiliev QFM - Data radio broadcasts and mini-radio network

Nicolas MontgermontAxis Mvndi - Shaping EM waves in cosmic scale

MAGMADAMPROTOTIPA - Body as sound material that transmits

Ryan JordanCurrents Below The System - crystal radios – a feedback loop

Enrique TomásSDR Music - Making music with software defined radio

Rasa Smite & Raitis SmitsPond Radio - Deep pond soundscape with bio-electricity

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