Deep pond soundscape with bio-electricity
Artists: Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits Residency dates: September 6-11

Pond Radio is a real-time sonification project that consists of art-science experiment series with MFC (microbial fuel cell) technology in outdoor conditions. The MFC is the next generation bio technology that converts chemical energy to electrical energy by using microorganisms – bacteria found in the mud, sediments of the pond or sewage. Pond Radio interprets bio-electricity generation process into live sound and image structures, whereby making audible and visible the invisible activity in a bottom of a pond or (a river). During the Eleonore residency, the artists further explore the wireless version of Pond Radio. This experiment involves the grid of nine microbial fuel cells each equipped with micro radio transmitter/receiver transmitting the readings of produced electricity to the base station from where those values are sent to the computer and sniffled in nine channel sound installation. Micro radio transmitters are powered from the electricity generated by fuel cells installed in a pond or river. With every installation in different locations, the artists works towards building a network of Pond Radio in order to explore microbial activity in diverse local ecosystems.