Shaping EM waves in cosmic scale
Artist: Nicolas Montgermont
Residency dates: August 15 to August 25

Axis Mvndi is a project in which radio waves are sent into space to draw shapes at a cosmic scale. By playing on the position of the antennas and emission times, ancient cosmological model are drawn in space and become autonomous forms in infinite movement. Axis Mvndi proposes a perspective shift on the use of electromagnetic waves through the broadcasting of frequencies without receiver and without signal, using them for their greater specificity: their traveling at the speed of light. The shapes drawn by these waves correspond to elements of representation of the universe imagined between antiquity and the Middle Ages: Babylonian constellations, seas of the Hindu cosmic egg, Greek crystal spheres or polyhedrons of Kepler. Using modern techniques to project these figures in space, Axis Mvndi is positioned as a respectful and poetic tribute to these ancient representations.

The project will take the form of performance / interventions during access to specific broadcasting equipment, and of an installation for drawing figures at a longer scale. A website will also display in real-time the position of all the broadcasted waves.

Supported by - CNES / Observatoire de l'espace