Body as sound material that transmits
Residency dates: September 1-11

PROTOTIPA=tipa ancestral proposes to build two devices attached to the body during Eleonore residency. Prototipas, body prototypes, that allow us to explore the possibilities of body performativity through friction, contacts , strains, turing body into an instrument. To experience bodily changes and sensory states , we connect the device to the body by a prosthesis, an electronic circuit with recycled materials, in order to generate a cyborg synesthesia. We investigate how the sound is modified by body contact, what type of sensors would work for this case: contact , brightness , bending , pressure, vibration? We work with the ideas of feedback,waves, frequencies, transmission, interference, error as value. Thinking the radio as the Mother of the Tools in all these,  we seek the possibilities of using body as sound materials that transmits. —