aTxE & La Pelos – [LAB 2 residency – August 1 to August 15]
aTxE and La Pelos are artists working with visuals, photography, video, street actions and performing.


The machines as lovers, accomplice the self-imposed exile of our bodies = BIOMACHINES. We began this stage as a collective through our experiences, where shared spaces and the common living are connecting with our enthusiasm for pain and blood, we are looking for a bridge between our passion and our creative energy. In this experiential process we understand that our bodies are the main axis. Dissident bodies of a social culture of information that invades our being to defile and make us judges and executioner of ourselves.

We want to design our own catastrophe, creating ourselves by modifying our bodies which should be our only real property. The tattooing machine as an artifact, becomes our ally to desecrate the correct and controlled use of bodies and lives associated with the idea of health, normality and productivity, in a capitalist system where information and the control of bodies plays an essential role.

As bio-machines we resist and reply to this rule, we become a deconstructive virus that creates a new file from the borders. We want to be a mistake, a findable error , a virus in the oppressor and organized system that wants us submissive and conformist, where the only authorized addictions are the pharmaceutical coorporations numbing pain. We wish to be a digital and physical footprint, an open scar that can infect and destroy . We want to design an evil and destructive imaginary which affects and perverts whomever interacts with it, producing an exercise of reflection, that allows and affect the destruction of the internal police.

We are using BIOmachine to create sound and visual archives of chosen pain and insurrect pleasure, eroticization of violence and the noise as antithesis agaist the normative complacent melody. We mark, eroticize matter, garbage and re-use these to construct the noise artifact, electrify our blood and make it close the noiser and scarred creator circuit of infoDetox. Our body as a battlefield, pleasure-pain as a weapon, and blood flow as a distorted information. We want to tattoo in our bodies and souls the anger against this not life. Not to

Residency plans:
We are developing a Bio-Toxic performance with our residency. We are organizing visual and sound archives of scars, marks, tattoos and sounds of pleasure-pain, making them accessible on the web. We are building DIY tattoo machines, articulated among each other, a kind of artifact with two simultaneous tattoo machines with an articulate arm in between, one tattooing the real skin and the other making hole-lines in a vinyl to have the sonoric information of the experience of pleasure and pain.

Week 1
– Documentation and construction of the digital file.
– Montage Structure for Tattoing machines.
– Build tattoing machines.
Week 2
– Documentation.
– Layout of the videocreation.
– Sound and visual experimentation with the BIOmachine.
– Performance Management.
– Spatialization and technical needs.

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