Smuggling kombucha in the land luggage

I’ve arrived in Linz traveling by bus, train and plane. All of these with the kombucha fungus in my hand luggage. Since it was squeezed in the little jar for around 12 hours it came somehow naturally to start my stay here with placing it in a bit more friendly environment.

Therefore I’ve poured 3 litters of boiling water (the diameter of container should be greater than its depth) to 6 black teabags and sweetened with 200 g of mixed white and cane sugar (it will be eaten by kombucha mother not us, so no worries). Actually one could get much more creative than that with using other, more experimental sweeteners but this is what I’ve found in Eleonara’s kitchen today.

After cooling down the sweet tea to body temperature I’ve placed the mother on the top of it together with a little bit of kombucha drink in which it was transported. Especially in the hot summer day as today it’s important to clean all the tools with boiling water and cover with towel or plate the tea to be sure that no fly or other bug will contaminate our kombucha territory.

If the kombucha mother survived all of these, hopefully at the end of my stay it will thicken giving a birth to a new mother which will be given away during stwst48 to keep the story go on. The future developments of this family are going to be tracked here

kombucha days left to stwst48
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