Agnieszka Pokrywka (Helsinki)’s Ferment Lab proposes “a participatory, multi-locative space for food and social fermentation focused on exploration of intertwines between bacterial and human culture”.

Ferment Lab Linz is going to work in particular with perception of time and ways of observing it. Therefore the activities of Ferment Lab are scheduled according to fermentation cycles (in oppose to the solar or moon day/night rhythm). Each day of the residency is focussed on putting together different sort of eatable ingredients, scheduled in a way that all of eight fermented dishes should be ready for consumption during infoCRASH@STWST48 event.

During STWST48, Ferment Lab will turn in to a bizarre feast of different types of fermented food which was maturing over the residency period. In the program are also: fortunetelling based on study of personal bacterias, changing the taste of bread by the thoughts thought during kneading the dough, and possibly other oddities. All of that in the surrounding of balloons pumped up by yeast feed on sugar.


Artistblog – Ferment Lab- August 18 to September 1, 2015