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 Eleonore artist in residency is a [[http://​www.stwst.at/​|Stadtwerkstatt]] project.\\ Eleonore artist in residency is a [[http://​www.stwst.at/​|Stadtwerkstatt]] project.\\
-Media partnership with [[https://​www.fro.at|radio FRO]] and [[https://​www.dorftv.at|DORF TV]] +Media partnership with [[https://​www.fro.at|radio FRO]] and [[https://​www.dorftv.at|DORF TV]] \\ 
-Hosting ​partner: [[http://​servus.at|servus.at]]+Hosting: [[http://​servus.at|servus.at]]
 » [[about|Read more about RADIO ACTIVE]] \\ » [[about|Read more about RADIO ACTIVE]] \\